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Farheen Khan is a respected and seasoned non-profit professional with over two decades of experience in the anti-violence and anti-poverty sectors, both locally and nationally. She is a Muslim Chaplain at Trent University, an accomplished author, and a former television host of the Azeeza Show. Farheen has also campaigned in the Federal election as an MP candidate in 2015, and has established herself as a trusted public figure with an extensive network of supporters who closely follow her work across the country. Farheen is also the Chair of the South Asian Advisory Council at the United Way of Greater Toronto.

With a strong media presence, Farheen has been featured on various news channels and outlets, including City News Toronto, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, Broadview, Global News, NowToronto, CBC, The Toronto Star, Canada’s National Observer, and more. She is an articulate spokesperson with exceptional communication skills and has grown well-versed in communicating with media and government officials through decades of experience and exposure.

As the Principal Consultant and Lead for her company, FSK & Associates Inc, Farheen specializes in organizational capacity building, including strategic planning, resource development, operations, system development, board governance, and brand management. Over the years, Farheen has raised close to $40 million dollars for both local and international organizations, and she continues to advocate for organizations run by and serving marginalized communities to gain mainstream acceptance and government financing. Farheen is widely recognized as an advocate and ally for marginalized communities, with a focus on achieving sector-level changes at the local, regional, and national levels through engagement with organizations led and served by and for People of Color and Women. She is a leading proponent of establishing new and innovative techniques to meet the unique requirements of Canada’s expanding and growing communities in the area of family violence, including religious abuse, honor-based violence, and gender-based violence. Today, she continues to play a crucial role in assisting women fleeing severe domestic, intimate partner, religious, and honor-based violence across Canada.

Farheen’s activism and outreach capacities are a key pillar of her personhood. She has played a central role in organizing major events like Take Back the Night and helped develop Walks and Vigils, which are held exclusively for women who have experienced violence. She was instrumental in introducing the Danger Risk Assessment to the Region of Peel, as well as in the research and consultations surrounding the Sexual Violence Action Plan and the Campus Safety Projects relating to sexual violence and women’s safety. Farheen also took the lead in developing the Community Engagement Strategy for the South Asian Community and its Relationship to the United Way of Peel Region, as well as the Regional Protocol to Support Women Survivors of Human Trafficking.

In addition, Farheen is the founder of Canada’s first and only Women’s Mosque, which is now ranked fifth in the world and operates on a women-run, women-led paradigm. The mosque has recently launched its Sisters in Power program in partnership with WerkHaus Fitness Studio.

In 2016, Farheen was awarded the J.S. Woodworth Award for Human Rights and Equity. She continues her equity and capacity development work today, with a focus on various marginalized demographics and organizations including the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, the IDRF, the United Way, East York Meals on Wheels, Imagine Canada, the Institute for Change Leaders, Interim Place, Meal Exchange, Metrac, the York Region Children’s Aid Society, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations and For Youth Initiative, SAVIS Halton, the Sexual Assault/ Rape Crisis Center of Peel, and b current Performing Arts. Through her extensive media presence, leadership, and advocacy work, Farheen has earned a reputation as a trusted public figure who is committed to making positive change for marginalized communities.

Her personal journey has involved “taking back her power” through self-love, self-discovery and weight loss. Farheen has lost 300 pounds to date and is currently working on becoming a competitive powerlifter. To follow her journey of strength building follow her on Instagram @farheenkhanstrong

Speaking Engagements:

Farheen is available to speak on a variety of topics to educate and inspire people on both social issues, as well as storytelling about her journey and her resilience, as well as the journey to reclaim her body through health and wellness.

For Speaking Engagement bookings, please email us at farheen@farheenkhan.ca